Get Smile-Ready for the New Year

Three young women laughing, revealing white teeth

60 Minute in-chair teeth whitening

Looking for a New Year change that doesn’t require ongoing willpower? How about a brighter smile?

Our in-chair whitening treatment can make your teeth several shades lighter. It targets stains from coffee, smoking and alcohol, and emphasises the beauty of shiny enamel.

The steps to brighter teeth

Contact us for a consultation, so that we can check that your teeth are suitable for treatment. Your dental health comes first. We’ll also agree on the level of whiteness to aim for.

In preparation for the whitening process, we will assess the best product to use for your particular teeth. We may also prescribe a three day course of treatment to lessen tooth sensitivity, if you need it.

The treatment consists of the application of whitening gel in a thin layer. We protect the gel from saliva as it does its work. We then wash it off, and you’ll see the results immediately.

Things to note

Whitening involves the application of a peroxide bleach, which can cause slight sensitivity in some patients. This usually abates within a few hours. In very rare cases the sensitivity can continue for a few days.

To minimise this, we apply a barrier to the gums before putting the gel on the teeth.

This level of professional care is important. It can give you peace of mind, since dentists have approval to apply stronger concentrations of peroxide in their treatments.

Call or write to us for a consultation to arrange for your brighter New Year’s smile.